Learning Center

Enroll at Shoshone

We are delighted that you are considering Shoshone Learning Center for your high schooler’s education, and we look forward to working with you in close partnership.

Our Ideal Student

Shoshone Learning Center is looking for students with a good attitude and work ethic who will benefit from the flexible programming we offer. Ideal students learn to develop a support network that will not only hold them accountable but will also push them to dream big and reach toward their goals.

Application Procedure

Resources, including space, often become a determining factor in how many students SLC can accept during the year. We give priority to those students who are closest to graduation or have special family circumstances that keep them from attending a regular classroom. The SLC principal has the final say regarding student acceptance.

Step 1
Students who wish to enroll at SLC must attend an informational meeting with a parent/guardian. Please contact our school secretary, Mrs. Barrus, at 764.6187 to find out when the next meeting will take place. 

Step 2
If the student is interested in the program, he/she must complete and submit an application along with a current transcript within five days of the meeting. Current Powell High School students need to visit with their school counselor and discuss options for the program.

Step 3.
Within ten days of receiving a completed application, the SLC school staff will review the student's completed application and determine if he/she is a good fit for the program. It may require a scheduled interview. If accepted, we will notify the student with a personal phone call with information about the next steps. If not accepted, the student will be called and asked to consider other options that include: PHS Learning Center, Park #1 Virtual Academy (P1VA), or GED.

Step 4
If accepted into the program, an intake meeting will be arranged where scheduling and planning will take place.  A student work and master learning agreement contract will be signed.

Step 5
Report for your first day of learning at the SLC. The student will go through an orientation at this time where he/she will get set up with coursework.